About Us

In 1988, it started to produce furniture metal parts in an area of ​​40 square meters. Argünsan Ltd. Şti.has grown continuously since then and reached its current level of success by expanding its machinery in 2000. Our company is equipped with state-of-the-art machines such as Salvagnini Punch and Bending Center, Durmazlar Fiber Laser, Trumpf Punch, CNC Abkants, Guillotine Shears and serves the agricultural machinery, industrial laser plasma dust collection machines, automobile and white goods sectors.

Our company, which currently has a closed area of ​​7000 square meters and an open area of ​​3000 square meters, continues its activities with its expert technical team and staff. Adopting the concept of quality production Argünsan Ltd. Şti.has reached an assertive position in its sector today. We meet and exceed customer expectations by producing state-of-the-art products with our expert staff in our facility equipped with modern and high-tech machines.

ArgünsanBy prioritizing customer satisfaction, it aims to remain in a leading position in the constantly developing and changing sector. With its innovation, quality and customer-oriented approach Argünsan Ltd. Şti. continues to be a reliable business partner in the field of metal parts production.

Our Mission:

Argünsan Ltd. Şti. aims to provide the highest quality products and services to customers, with the vision of becoming the industry leader in the field of metal parts production. Our mission is to be a pioneer in the industry by producing original and quality solutions, prioritizing customer satisfaction with our expert technical team in our modern facility equipped with state-of-the-art machines. Additionally, we aim to achieve sustainable growth and success by adapting to constantly evolving technology and customer expectations.

Our vision:

Argünsan maintains its strong position in the sector and has the vision of becoming a globally recognized and preferred brand. Our vision is to respond to customer demands in the best way by constantly expanding our product portfolio with innovative approaches and to maintain our presence in the sector as a leading metal parts manufacturer. In addition, we aim to be a company that adds value to society and the environment by adopting the principle of sustainability and producing with environmental awareness.